Candy, Cupcakes, and Pie, Oh My!

     Greedily, she creeps into the pantry, eagerly anticipating a sweet treat. Spotting the icing-topped delicacy, her mouth waters for one bite of the rich morsel. She grabs at it and commences stuffing her face. Who is this girl, and how does her habit speak to today’s food culture? Instead of using a bit of sugar to sweeten foods, people now consume sugar to such a degree that using genetically-modified “foods” to flavor sugar is common. According to the New Hampshire Health Promotion in Motion campaign, “Today, the average American consumes almost 152 pounds of sugar in one year. This is equal to 3 pounds (or 6 cups) of sugar consumed in one week!” Although myriads of Americans feast daily upon sugary, false foods, this deadly poison, sugar, affects the society and individuals only negatively, causing a hyper spike with a “sugar crash,” aches, and illnesses.

     First, sugar poisons bodies by causing a hyper spike followed by a “sugar crash.” Amused and bewildered, friends find it hilarious to observe one another experiencing a hyperactive rush of energy caused by a sugar spike, but danger proves imminent! Frequently, this restlessness drives people to unsafe activities. Afterwards, the dessert-filled person discovers themselves weary and unwilling to labor over homework or housework or do anything except lounge about in a dazed state, the “sugar crash.” In short, the immediate effects of sugar trigger excess energy and then energy deficiency to such extremes that it undesirably affects day-to-day life.
     Secondly, the sweet toxin destroys its target by causing headaches and stomach aches. Anyone who has gorged on sugar in excess knows the pains and pangs afterwards, leaving victims lamenting, “Maybe I had one too many cupcakes.” It makes some think again about their sweet tooth in a different way because, after all, who wants headaches and stomach aches?

     Finally, sugar affects the immune system negatively. Think of sugar as a bad guy. Desperately and sneakily, this villain worms his way into the body. As the immune system body guard attempts to restrain the sugar, a battle ensues. Rapidly, the body weakens to an indefensible state that allows colds, viruses, and other contagious diseases in. Nurturing cancer and preceding other health problems such as diabetes, sugar should never be allowed to defeat the wonderful, God-given immune system.

     Sugar heralds dangerous hyperactive and weary states, aches, and illnesses. Before wolfing down the next meal or snack, think again! Poisoning millions, sugar precedes problems more serious and complicated than a piece of pie. While candy and cupcakes may elicit squeals of delight from many, the well-informed consumer should refrain from gorging constantly on sugar.
Author's Note: While we all love sugary treats, limiting ourselves to one treat a week is sufficient and should reduce the risks of heart disease (the #1 killer of Americans), cancer, and diabetes.

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  1. So true!!! I need to remember that next time I eat sugar!!


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