31 Days of Pure Joy: Day 28~ The Transforming

     The pure, lovely joy of the Lord will transform your life, first slowly and then exponentially!

     When joy pervades every area of your life, not only others but YOU will be changed. Whether you study, cook, clean, drive, dress, or read, whatever you do, you will find yourself doing it for God not yourself or others. At Chatting at the Sky, one of my favorite blogs, I was challenged to photograph ways I can make art with my daily life along with Emily P. Freeman's new book, A Million Little Ways.

     The top picture of this post is what I came up with. Fashion, tea, school, and autumn decorating are a few ways I am making art/living joyfully in my day-to-day.

     How will joy pervade your thought processes?

     How will you live with a new perspective because Christ has placed His joy in you?

     Has joy transformed your singing, walking, talking, playing, working?

     Staring at God's vivid truths in His Word, I am filled with a happiness that passes all understanding. It overflows, bubbling like a spring of fresh, living water. I want to share it with my family and friends even when it's hard. It's transforming.

     I want to listen gently to my friend's cares.

     I want to love on children when I babysit them.

     I want to soldier diligently through my schoolwork.

     I want to hold my tongue when I am tempted to show my anger or frustration.

     I want pure joy to transform my life.


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