31 Days of Pure Joy: Day 22~ The Waiting

     Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. We all are familiar with the steady rhythmic tick of the clock. Or are we? Maybe we notice it only when taking a test or waiting in line. Some of us have forgotten what it sounds like because we own iPhones instead of watches. Others rush their lives, filling days with tons of activities.

     Thankfully, my alarm clock broke a few months ago. Now I use a standard analog clock, which I had almost forgotten how to read. :/ You might be surprised at how used to digital clocks you have become.

     When we are waiting, it can be the hardest to find joy. Waiting for God does not mean sitting around waiting for Him. It means actively believing in who He is and taking a step of faith. (Observe that believe is a verb, showing action.)

     Most of you probably have heard the tale of a man in a flood who claimed he was trusting God for help. He refused the help of a boat and helicopter insisting that he was trusting God on this one. Well, he obviously drowned. The angels were surprised at his appearance in heaven, for God had sent two ways out for him.

     What is the balance of active faith and waiting? I'm not sure.

     I tend to pray as much as I can remember to about the situation and then take a small step of faith when I feel the Holy Spirit's gentle prodding and nudging.

     I love the words of Rebecca St. James' song, "I Will Praise You" in her cd by the same name.
Joy comes in the morning
The sun is rising
And I wait for You
Streams flow in the desert
There's an oasis
And I wait for You

Whatever the storm
Whatever is lost
Whatever it takes
Whatever the cost
I will praise You
I will praise You

Faith, faith is the substance
Of things we hope for
So I wait for You
Hope, hope and the future
Are Your plans for me
So I wait for You

I see the waters rising
I feel the coming storm
When fear is overwhelming
I hear, "Peace, be still"
     Honestly, right now I am EXHAUSTED. I just finished my last day of a two-day biology lab intensive with a bunch of other crazy homeschool kids. Home is my place of rest and healing. I love the idea of waiting on God, listening for Him in quiet (and noisy) moments, and watching the sun rise through my window in the morning.
     Pure joy in the waiting is not always easy, but it is something I would like to practice more.
     So tell me...How are you waiting for God right now? How could you take a minute (or massive) step of faith? Are your goals and worries too large, or are you focusing only on today and the blessings that fill it? Would you take a dare to live without digital clocks for a day?
     Tell me. I want to know. I write for me. I write for God. But I also write for you. Your comments, thoughts, and questions really excite me. Let's dream together of all that God has in store for us here and now as well as in heaven.

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  1. Personally, it would be next to impossible to live without my watch for a day. I am constantly looking at it!!
    I love the Joy series you are doing!


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