31 Days of Pure Joy: Day 3~ The Pinpointing

     What brings you pure joy? It may not ONLY be what we discussed yesterday, the reading of Scriptures. We all have spiritual gifts to use for the King.

     What is your talent/hobby/something you get PURE JOY from?
  • Pancake flipping
  • Drawing, painting, or something artsy
  • Doing dishes speedily
  • Reading aloud
  • Playing an instrument
  • Cooking or baking
  • Decorating
  • Writing
  • Climbing trees
  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Talking ;)
  • Entertaining kids
  • Participating in a sport/something athletic
     There are so many more, but I hope this got your wheels turning, so to speak. You can be really creative and use ANY talent for God's glory!

     Next, pair your talent with your spiritual gift, which may be one of the below:
  • Speaking wise words
  • Having a strong faith
  • Praying faithfully
  • Encouraging others
  • Leading others
  • Teaching
  • Ministering to the poor
  • Extending grace
  • Serving behind the scenes
  • Opening one's home
     One again, there are so many more talents and gifts. Identify yours right now.

     Got them? Now think of a fun way to use your talent(s) with your spiritual gift(s) in perfect harmony. That is pure joy!

     Do you want an example? My talent is entertaining kids, and my strongest spiritual gift is either encouragement or serving. So I:
  • Encourage a tired mommy by watching her kids for no charge (occasionally)
  • Volunteer in the children's ministry at church
  • Help families with little children out to their car (in the rain)
  • Babysit intentionally by planning activities and fun for the kids
  • Change diapers, carry, play, feed, and protect my cousins (ages 1-6) when they visit
     See? It's not that hard. Oh, and I would LOVE it SO much if you told me in the comments:
  1. What your talents are
  2. What your spiritual gifts are
  3. How you plan to use them to serve others, and therefore bring glory to God and pure joy to yourself

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  1. It is a joy to watch you use your gifts & bring glory to God! I love life-giving words, and I find joy in seeking new and creative ways to express what God reveals in the everyday walk of faith. After reading of your 31-day journey, I'm taking the challenge to write 15 minutes every day in Oct. Thank you!

  2. Taking care of kids, writing, entertaing


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