31 Days of Pure Joy: Day 31~ The Concluding

    I love this quote and feel it is very appropriate for today.

    If I were to reword it, I would say, "In between blogging is a thing called life, that has to be lived and enjoyed."

     I have enjoyed writing, thinking, dreaming, and musing over my 31 Days of Pure Joy, but it's a relief to be finished with the huge time and energy commitment. I met my goal, and I am humbly proud of every day of this topic. :) Thanks for reading and sharing your heart.

     My poll ends today, and it only reaffirmed my (and your) love of decorating, crafts/DIY projects, and parties. They all scored really high, so I will continue to write only the best content for those topics. If you marked "other," could you tell me (if you remember) what that "other" things was: weekend links, thrift finds, books, my writing projects, recipes, God, organizing, or something like that?

     This beautiful church brought a smile to my face and my mom's. It was out in the country, and do you want to know something?

     There was a dead skunk on the road right in front of the church.

     I noticed it and grimly pointed it out, but Mom was not deterred. She wanted to capture this picturesque moment. After pulling over, she took these two glorious photos.

     Pure joy is a daily battle. We might have to face some skunks in the road to view the beauty in daily life.

     Do you feel challenged to live a life of pure joy?


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