31 Days of Pure Joy: Day 4~ The Enjoying

I especially enjoy God's creation of the bunny rabbit. Click here to see a whole post about it.
     The title of this post is "The Enjoying."

     "Enjoying joy?" you inquire.

     Indeed, it sounds foolish.

     But joy does that sometimes. It feels too incredible to be true, too exhilarating to know for sure what is happening.

     This is the joy that reaches you when you didn't think any joy could be found, when you are stretched to your limit, when you are ready to burst with this special kind of happiness from God that endures all things.

     As the saying goes, "when life isn't the way you like it, like it the way it is."

     Joy gives a smidgen of spice and meaning to menial tasks. Days make up our lives. If our days are joyful, so are our lives.

     Here is how I have experienced pure joy:
     I write notes to our mail lady, wrote a letter to the President of the United States of America, and enjoy tidying and organizing my room. First, I write notes to our mail lady, Ms. Hollie. I wanted to get to know her, so I stuck a note in the mailbox one day; we have been pen pals ever since. Next, I wrote a letter to the President when I was in sixth grade. With care, I used my best penmanship and spoke of my prayers for our nation and President Obama himself. Finally, I actually enjoy tidying and organizing. I very rarely tire of tidying or bore at the task of organizing my closet or someone else’s. Assuredly, I may be crazy to a myriad of people, but I am also ambitious, daring, and ready to try the out of the ordinary.
     The passions God has placed in our hearts should be spent for His glory. This is the secret of pure joy, the joy of the Lord!
     What unselfish desires has God placed in your heart? How will you use them for Him?

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