31 Days of Pure Joy: Day 6~ The Decorating

     Let's take a slightly different path with this topic and apply it to decorating. Can you have Pure Joy in decorating?

     Yes. Here's how:
  1. Be inspired by God's beautiful creation of colors, shapes, and the outdoors. This glorifies Him and reminds you of His power and love. The whole of creation shouts aloud His majesty and intelligent design, not a chance, impossible explosion.
  2. Avoid the perils of huge, brown leather couches or ugly décor. There is nothing wrong with a brown couch. I have a brown leather couch, but it is not the best choice if you are about to make a couch purchase. Any design expert will tell you that. Ugly décor is not inviting and should by all means be avoided.
  3. Use COLOR! Instead of ugly lamps, couches, and bulky desks, use various textures, materials, colors, and patterns. Mix chevron, animal print, and Lucite (ghost, clear, etc.). Combine a sleek desk with a massive bed. Explore the world of design with a Christ-like view to bring joy to all who enter your home. 
  4. Don't stress about your home or try to make it perfect. No home could ever be perfect, least of all the home of a busy, joyful, God-serving, life-living American woman (or teen girl). :) When we stress like notorious Martha in the New Testament, our homes are not as welcoming. We should focus on building relationships--not keeping our house from looking like anyone lives in it.
     Does this make sense? What do you think about how our attitude about our home affects our hospitality? Do you struggle with creating a joyful atmosphere with your décor instead of a dull one?


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1 comment:

  1. Although I love my two brown couches and brown chair ;) .... I have found great JOY and blessing in decorating. It is the gateway to a comfortable-hospitable environment where I can extend the gift of hospitablity to the many people God has placed in our lives.

    It is a source of GREAT JOY.... for me!
    Thanks for sharing!


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