31 Days of Pure Joy: Day 7~ The Coloring

     Honing in on one of yesterday's points, we should use a few more doses of color in our lives. Amen?

     Look at these pictures for inspiration:




     Do you want more color? I do!

     Also see these posts for colorful party ideas:
  1. Rainbow Party Ideas
  2. My Colorful Dot Birthday Party

     If you want to read my decorating services policy, please check it out here. (It isn't a policy in the boring sense of the word.)

     That post also talks about my desires to help people make better nutrition choices, read good-quality books, plan parties, and organize. If any of those ideas interest you, read the post and then comment (or if you have my e-mail, e-mail me!)

     I have already helped two friends decorate, one friend with book ideas, and three ladies organize.

     Don't forget to be a Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios! It will bring others pure joy too!


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