From House to Home

     We are busy turning our new duplex into a home.

     There are still boxes filling some rooms, but others are blog-ready!

     This is the nesting.

     The home-making.

     The cozifying.

     And we love it!

     My tween brother and I are sharing a room, and we had it unpacked the first day. It is so fun to compromise and work with him in decorating our special space.

     These bookshelves are the exciting thing about this house that stood out to me. My schoolbooks are kept behind that little door thing, so I don't think about them on the weekends. My banner hangs loud and proud.
     My brother is excited to use the shelves for displaying LEGOs.
     My desk made the cut although we sold my bed. Our last house wasn't huge, but this duplex is even smaller. Our kitchen table was also sold on Craigslist.

     Right around the corner is the guest bathroom that would give any professional decorator a heart attack. Of course, I am not a professional. They mixed bright blue tile (it looks different than that picture, but at least you get an idea) with a darker blue, yellow, and white vertically striped wallpaper (see below).

     And this little cabinet space across from the toilet and mirror is just plain weird.

     (You can see the color of the tile better in this picture.)

     Okay. Overall, it isn't too bad. There is a ton of cabinet space.

     Round another corner to enter the living space, which has just recently been assembled.

     Three cozy chairs, a couch, tv stand, and piano all made it into this space, plus the fireplace. Here is a panorama of it.

     The tv stand is where I stood to take the picture.


     That is where I am living right now. We aren't planning on getting many Christmas decorations out, but you can glimpse our new, white stockings on the couch.

     Have a jubilant day!



  1. Thanks for this post! Love to know how you are getting along!!!!


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