In With the New!

     We are very much settled in our new place. The before picture was right when we moved in.
     Now our bedroom looks like the picture on the right.

     We purchased (at a discount of course) a beautiful grey duvet and shams to pair with new cotton sheets from Target. This picture was our inspiration.

      My brother's side is above. (I am letting him use my fuzzy pillow. Chevron's not his thing.) ;)
     And look! New nightstands!
     My mom found them at Target on clearance for just $30 each!

     My side is naturally my favorite. We still are figuring out lamps, but I have not had a nightstand in several years, so I am LOVING this simple plan.

     The bedside tables are neutral, but color definitely flourishes in my dotty garland!

     This Christmas ornament wanted to come into my room this year, so Augustus (I name everything!) is dangling from my lamp.

     Another new addition to my room is this lovely bowl from West Elm.

     It stole my heart. I got the damaged one, so I got a discount. Then I turned the damaged side toward the window, away from the camera and people. :)

      White with a gold rim! Ah! I LOVE it!

     Thanks for giving grace as we imperfectly decorate our place. I have not posted really anything Christmas-y, but we are having a very simple Christmas. We are focusing on the miracle in the manger!


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