The Penny

     It was January 1. After a trip to the store, we carried in the groceries. My mom welcomed us by smiling and holding the door open. We had only picked up a few things, so bringing in the groceries required a grand total of one trip.

     Then it happened.

     Amid lots of talking, my grandmother looked down at the front porch. A dull but beautiful color caught her eye.

     "Look! A penny," she said coolly.

     "Can I have it?" I replied. My mother stooped to pick it up and dropped it in my hand. It wasn't magical, and I don't believe that finding a penny on the first of the year will bring us good luck.


     I wanted it for another reason.

     You see, for almost a year now I have been collecting pennies.


     Don't worry. I do not have a strange, radical obsession or fascination with this tiny coin. This is a goal, a worthy cause.

     What is my goal?

     My goal is to collect a total of 1,000,000 pennies to give to a local homeless charity, the SoupMobile. That means $10,000!

     Check out their website here.

     I currently have 3,230 of the one million pennies.

     Could you help me?

     I am pretty certain that all of my current readers know me personally. If you find pennies, please set them aside for me!




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