Nail Polish Four Simple Ways

     Nail polish in pretty colors and displayed in beautiful ways is all over Pinterest right now.
     The simplest ways to display or store nail polish are below:

     1. Make a nail polish kit by throwing your nail polish in a stylish makeup bag with cotton balls and nail polish remover. This is perfect for when you will be doin' yo' nails at a sleepover!
     2. Arrange an ornate vanity. Your colors for the day can be displayed while the others are in containers. To take this pic, I made my desk into a vanity for a day. (Sorry for the lack of light in the picture...it's been really cloudy for several days.)

     3. Mason jars are amazing for all sorts of things! I think Pinterest messed up here because this is not a very practical display. How do you reach the polish at the bottom? But if you have few colors or don't do your nails often, this is an easy display for you.

     4. My favorite! Display them in a perfectly spaced fashion on a lovely tray.


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