Simply Crafty: Bandana Headband

     Wear a bandana as a headband! No cutting, sewing, hot gluing, or crafty expertise necessary!

     Fold once, making a triangle, then roll and tie!

     Help me bring it back into style. (Selfies are already in style...)

     Thanks for being simply crafty with me this week! I am having fun with the simple, practical, and beautiful things I have made.

     Anywho...have an awesome Thursday! Did you know that Thursday is Thursday because of the Greek god Thor? No joke! (Plus, as another wacky side note, yesterday was the 25th  birthday of the world wide web...yep...that's what www stands for...)

     Bunny trails!

     What was the last quirky thing you did with your hair?


1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the Thursday fact and the cut craft! Fun fun fun!


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