Simply Crafty: Cute-a-Pocket & Giveaway

     My good friend gave me this simple and adorable bag a few years ago.

     She called it a "cute-a-pocket," and the name's stuck.

     The felt pocket houses my pens and highlighters for school and writing.

     Why I love it:
  1. It's pretty. (I mean, it has a heart! So cute!)
  2. It's practical. (Nothing to unzip when I need a pen, but it keeps them neatly together in my drawer.)
  3. It's portable. (I can grab it fast!)
     All you would need to make one of these little guys is felt, thread, and a little stuffing for inside the heart.

     I love the details of contrasting stitching and a zig-zag cut on the felt.

     Are you getting Simply Crafty this month? I hope so!

     Comment for a chance to win a new March House Beautiful magazine!



  1. That cuteapocket is cute! Makes me want to make one ;)
    Love your posts keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration this month! House Beautiful is one of my faves.


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