Simply Crafty: Jewelry Display

     I have been eyeing lovely jewelry displays like above, and I decided to make one for this post.

     I don't have a spare bulletin board- (Remember? I sold it.) -so this is actually stuck on our desk bulletin board.

     Anywho, I think this is my favorite jewelry display ever! It is simple, pretty, and oh-so-very-easy!

     It is very adjustable and every piece of jewelry I own fit on a normal-sized board (I think 2'x3' is typical-largish...)

     Ok. I lied. Almost every piece of jewelry fit...I left my bangles in a lovely stack that says, "Wear us all at once!" I should obey the bangles' command. Maybe one day when my arms aren't sore from lifting weights...ahem...Emme!

     Anywho...I left my rings in a pretty dish that my grandfather got me from Egypt.

     SO GORGEOUS when closed! I love love love it!

     I had to make one super-long necklace go horizontally, and the pins (LOVE and the gold flowers) were easily pinned to the board.

     I love seeing everything in one place instead of digging around in jewelry boxes.

     How about you? Do you get Pinterest-y with a jewelry display or hang it or put it in a drawer or what? What has worked best for you? Have you recently assessed how much jewelry you have and what you actually wear?


P.S. Do any of you have a bulletin board I could steal?

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