Simply Crafty: Pretty Envelope Liner

     It's March, National Craft Month, so brace yourself for a slew of ingenious craftiness!

     Lots of these are Pinterest-y projects come to life. All are the simplest, funnest crafts ever!

     This month, our key words are:

Simple, Practical, Beautiful

     We're gonna get simply crafty.

     First up: Pretty Envelope Liner (to add whimsy to your handwritten notes)

  1. Pretty scrapbooking paper
  2. Double-sided tape
  3. Envelope
     I prefer to do this with envelopes with flaps shaped like this...

     ...but any envelope will work.

  1. Trace the outline (the red above) of the envelope onto pretty paper.
  2. Cut out your envelope-shaped tracing.
  3. Tape inside envelope.
     Here is one I made with polka-dotty paper:


     See? Uber easy!

     Have a lovely, crafty, simplistic day!


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