Simply Crafty: Writing, the Craft of Black on White

     I shut down all the tabs on my new hand-me-down laptop.

     I smile as I think about the blessing it has been even in the last 24 hours. I'd dubbed it "Scribo," Latin for "I write." I think of all the future writing times we will have together and how I get to fill blank Word documents with letters and words.

     But for now, I need time off the device, to think and read and pray and be inspired. Writing is hard if you don't live fully and have experiences to write about.

     I retire to my bedroom and have a devotional like a good girl. Then I eye a lovely, towering stack of library books I want to read but set them aside for the book I have already started, One Thousand Gifts. It's a book my mom has read and many of the bloggers I follow have read. I know the storyline, and before even reading the book, I started a list of 1,000 things I am grateful for.

     I am on #900, so it's about time I read this book.

     I pick up my place in the middle of chapter 3. The rainbow-colored friendship bracelet I use as a bookmark tumbles to the ground, but I am already absorbed in the poetic Ann Voskamp's words.

     I grin whenever I see the bright pink highlights from when my mom read it.

     Pages into my reading, I spot another highlighted chunk of text. What spoke to my mother this time? I'm curious. Reading it, I am cheered by the quotable brilliance of the words. They read:
"The brave who focus on all things good and all things beautiful and all things true, even in the small, who give thanks for it and discover joy even in the here and now, they are the change agents who bring fullest Light to all the world." ~Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts, pg. 58
      How lovely!

     Then my heart skips a beat.

     Beside the highlighted words, written in neatest cursive by a mother who loves to take notes, is one word and an arrow.

     What? My name?
     As in those words apply to my life?
     As in they made her think of me?
     As in I am already practicing those things? Focused? Brave? Thankful? Change agent?
     Those words don't describe me! I am faulty, weak, selfish, and normal!
     But I so want those encouraging words to describe me, so I will press on toward the goal to win the prize.
     Your words are powerful. Whether you are speaking a word of encouragement, rebuke, or complaint, think before you speak.
     Those words, highlighted in all their bright pink glory, spoke to me and encouraged me, just as my mom's letter of encouragement had the night before.
     I quickly finish the chapter and rush to my laptop, before the excitement of it all blocks the words from flowing freely through my fingers onto the screen before me.
     As I type, the picture on the cover of my book beckons me to just one more chapter.
     And I have biscuits to make for tonight's dinner.
     And I have bike ride to squeeze in for a dose of vitamin D and exercise.
     And I have a night of The Voice battle rounds to watch.
     But I have thoughts pouring out of my soul, and I cannot stop them.
     I write.
     The agent of change isn't me. It's God in me, and hopefully in my writing.
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  1. now that's what i'm talking 'bout, sister. This rocks. Beautiful.

  2. my favorite post so far...pure joy!


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