3 Ways to Make Someone's Day in Half a Second

     Herein I disclose the mystery on the ages. The pinnacle of human knowledge. The priceless secrets of making (and keeping!) friends.

     Actually, it's simpler than that!

     The three ways to make someone's day in half a second are (and it's not flowers or chocolate!):
  1. Smile! People love when you show your teeth. It says "I am happy to see you!" in a way nothing else can. Smile at strangers who make eye contact with you in the grocery store. Smile at your family, your best friend, a new acquaintance, and everyone in between.
  2. Address the person you are speaking to by their name! Everyone loves to hear their own name said in your lovely voice, so just do it! It tells the person two things: you remember their name and think they are special. All you have to do is say their name. Obviously, there will be times using a first name will go with a Mrs. or Mr. or Miss or President or Queen, but the sound of a name rings like true music to one's ears.
  3. Say "Thank you!" Not just a hurried "Thanks" underneath your breath, but a sincere "Thank you" (while making eye contact with the person you are thanking). Thank the cashier, the hostess/cook, the gentleman who opens the door, the waitress, the valet, the pizza delivery guy, the neighbor who brings you cookies, or anyone who does you a favor. Never forget to say two simple words: "Thank you!"
     NOTE: Whether or not you remember to thank someone in person, you can send a thank you note when appropriate (probably not the pizza guy, but a dinner host/hostess.)

     So, in summary:
  1. Show your teeth!
  2. Remember people's names, so you can use them!
  3. Always say "Thank you!"
     They are all fast and effective, so use them! I also like to smile and say, "Thank you, __________!" (Insert Mary, Jo, or Bob.) :)

     Then I am doing them all at the same time. It's a triple whammy!


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