Dear Friends of Recovering Perfectionists

Dear friends of recovering perfectionists,

     It hurts when you say, "Well, you make straight A's, so you wouldn't understand." It makes us recovering perfectionists want to scream, "Actually, I'm not perfect. I'm a faulty human like you. Don't exclude me. Don't put me in a class of my own."

     We don't want to attack you. We are usually trying to help you.

     It comes across wrong. We know. And we're sorry. But please understand for a moment. We have CDO (OCD in alphabetical order). We like order. We like to find the best ways to do things. We like to be prepared. We like to do our best.

     But we often forget to focus on relationships. On people. We often focus more on our dreams for the future than our present. We often put people off, and right now, as we recover from being our over-analyzing selves, we just need a good friend.

     We want you to be our best buddy, to help us as we strive to let our imperfections go. Just let it go!

     We need you to:

     Sing Let It Go when we start to go all perfectionist on everyone.
     Take us on adventures.
     Encourage us to help gently instead of forcefully.
     Let us cry on your shoulder when we fail.
     Take the lead sometimes. We don't like to be in charge of everything. Don't join the crowd who points to us when a volunteer is needed.
     Encourage us in the Lord.
     Make us try new things.

     Thank you!


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