Dear Recovering Perfectionists

Dear recovering perfectionists,

     Don't be shy. I know you're out there, struggling to be free from your strict rules. They are rules you made for yourself. You don't like to disappoint people.

     But somehow you have given people this idea that you are very smart, perfect, and able to do anything. They think you are organized all the time, can manage time well, and only make straight A's.

     Stop feeling sorry for yourself. The only way you can break this mold people have you in is to be yourself in front of others.

     Resolve to:

     Fail and not care.
     But you need to break out of your rules.
     Let yourself be clumsy without being mortified.
     Don't fix things all the time. Let others figure things out for themselves.
     Stop putting out that "I'm perfect" or "I'm better than you" air.
     Help others humbly.
     Go try something new and crazy that you will probably fail at.
     Deepen your relationship with God.
     Read Grace for the Good Girl by Emily P. Freeman or Graceful (for the young ladies)
     Email me or comment on this post (leaving your email) if you are a recovering perfectionist. I'd love to talk to you!
       Keep being your amazing self!

     The sky's the limit!


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