Take the Moment and Make it Perfect

     A wise friend once told me, "Don't wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect."

     It's wonderful advice, especially when you want to chicken out of something you should do.

     Like when you want to
  • start eating healthy.
  • work out.
  • organize your closet.
  • buy a new couch.
  • get out of debt.
     I am not saying you should rush into these things, but when God gives you the ok, GO FOR IT!

     Do you want to know how I've applied this in my life?

     I have:
  • led a summer Bible study for girls two or three grades below me for three years.
  • gone on two mission trips to the Amazon.
  • redecorated my bedroom.
  • gone three months without sugar (in 2012).
  • started a blog (the one you are reading now) at age 13.
  • had people over, even in our tiny duplex.
     But I am not perfect. Far from it! I:
  • push my quiet time to last on my to-do list.
  • waste valuable time.
  • avoid confrontations.
  • think too much about the future sometimes (because dreamer is part of my personality).
     Don't wait for perfect circumstances to chase your wildest dreams!

     You know why?

     Because there never will be perfect circumstances unless you let now be the perfect time.

     Now is the perfect time to chase your dreams.


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