The Shocking Reveal...

     I cut my hair. A lot of it.

     I donated 10" to a pediatric wig center. Everyone says it makes me look older. That's not what I was going for, but many people have also told me it is very cute too. :)

     I'm not able to do much with it now, so if you have any amazing short hair ideas, please share in the comments!

     (If you are feeling very disappointed or offended that you are just now hearing about this, please don't be. I kept it a surprise from everyone except my immediate family members. My friends were very shocked when I showed up at youth group with it "chopped off." So no more gawking at the screen. I cut it and love it!)

     I've only donated once before, and that was to Pantene Beautiful Lengths two years ago.

     I would encourage you to donate your hair if it's long enough. The joy that comes from knowing where it's going (cancer patients) is very rewarding in and of itself. You usually need at least 8" to donate it.

     The best compliment I've received on my haircut was that it fits my personality: happy.

     It was very adventurous for me to cut my hair so short that it could be called short.



  1. Cute cute cute!!! Love it! You go girl!

  2. It was shocking, but you look beautiful as ever!!!!!:)


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