Typewriters Are So Romantic (An Obsession!)

     I love this photo.

     For the jewelry and mug, yes; but mainly for the typewriter.

     The first time I clicked away on a typewriter years ago, I was enthralled. There was magic underneath my finger tips. Slowly, I tapped out verbiage with the black ink and the square-like letters.

     A beautiful, working typewriter for typing stories is the dreamiest thing I can think of, other than a hammock swaying in a gentle summer breeze.

     Fancy, gaudy jewelry is just the icing on the cake. Or cupcake. Yeah. I like cupcakes better.

     I know I am a writer, and I don't need a typewriter to help me claim my identity. A bright yellow one would be my obsession!


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  1. I wrote my first long stories on a typewriter. I even took classes on typewriting. Man, am I old :-)

  2. I so want a typewriter now!!! A bright yellow typewriter would be so cool!!


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