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     This post was originally titled "How We Became Minimalist," but I couldn't say we're minimalist because we aren't. But I know we are compared to thousands of Americans.
     Clutter has never been a huge part of my life because we live in small houses and don't really have room for much unnecessary stuff.
     But I really started purging when I read Radical by David Platt and went on my first mission trip to Brazil.

     Flipping through a magazine, my mom spotted this book by Mary Lambert. It's subtitle is so intriguing to me: How to downsize to 100 personal possessions.

     Just seeing how little others have makes me realize that I have so much! We are blessed, America!

     If you feel like "fluff stuff" is overwhelming you, start small with tossing things you don't actually love. This is so vital to a "clean" feel in decorating as well.

     Then you can toss the things you haven't used in the last year. If you really love them (say, it's your mother's antique china set) use it more often! Make everyday special with those things.

     Then toss mismatched socks. Part of decluttering is giving up. Giving up on:
  1. Mismatched socks
  2. The random wide pink rubber band that you "might use one day"
  3. The magazine collection you never flip through
  4. The white elephant gift you've never used
  5. The microwave s'more maker
  6. The shirt with the hole you're never going to get mended
  7. The books you're not going to read again (Get money for them instead!)
  8. The bulky furniture (Get money again!)
  9. The piles and piles of memorabilia (I am not against memorabilia at all, but there is such a thing as too much.)
  10. The 12-year-old DVD player that no longer works
     We've personally had all of these at some point. Just get it out of your house as fast as you can.

     It's fluff stuff. Speaking of which, my eBook is officially up for new subscribers.


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  1. Nice one, mate! :P Really puts things in perspective


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