Grace for Today

     They say that you see what you are looking for. So what are you looking for? An answer? Jesus in your day-to-day mundane tasks? A smiley face in the water rings? A flower on your rose bush?

     This is the practice of gratitude...searching for gifts from our God of grace in your everyday life. I am fascinated by photography. Not because I am good at it. NO! Far from it! I take crummy iPhone pictures. But I take them almost every day. Because I love to capture the moments. The way the sun shines. The way the colors pop. The way the flower ruffles in the breeze.

     Here are the moments I've captured recently.

Water ring somehow didn't wrap all the way around for a full circle; I looked and saw a smiley face.

Our first blossom on our first rose bush ever; how could it not be beautiful?

Flag over an unmade bed; such a bright and sunny day!

Mundane geometry; pulling through it by God's grace.
     Capture some graces today. Then come back and tell me about them. Pretty please?

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