It's Worth It (A Tribute to All Who Share Bedrooms With Siblings)

     In our last house, I had my own bedroom. I always was thankful for it. Now I am thankful for it in a different way.

     Now for a few months I am sharing with my brother. Sharing is caring!

     It is going well all things considered. :)

     My Our room is a little bit messier. There are Nerf darts in the windowsill. There are drawings in stacks on the floor. There are clothes, dirty and clean, on the bed. But I don't think I'd have it any other way for this season of life.

     Yes. It can be annoying. I'd heard my whole life of girls having to share with their sisters. But other than the occasional "sleepover," my brother and I never had to share.

     And when, during a pillow fight, my felt ball garland breaks, I am okay with it.

     You could say it's teaching me a lot. You could say it's testing how far I can be pushed. You could say I am sick of (as my cousin put it) "the monkey ballerina" who likes to spread out all over the bed. You could also say I am ready for a change. But it's worth it. :)


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