Modest Madonna

     Our family is very big into costumes. Somehow, I never got around to sharing this costume, "Modest Madonna" from 2012!

     We thrifted for two days to get all the pieces necessary.

Jean jacket- already had
White tee- already had
Belt- CCA?
Necklaces- CCA, various thrift stores, and Claire's
Gloves- Claire's
Skirt- CCA
Glasses- Target or Claire's
White bow- Thrift store or CCA
Boots (not shown)- CCA or thrift store

     This is so long ago, I am going by my relatively reliable memory. Of course, yesterday I did forget library books and to tell my mom to call someone back, so don't go by me.

     Besides, it's mainly thrifted, so you couldn't find it.

     But when I arrived at the costume Bunko night, nobody recognized me. Now that's a good costume!


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  1. Cool outfit! I think you are awesome! Love ya girl!


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