My Latest Decor Obsessions

1. White Parson's Desk ~ 2. Velvety Emerald Green Couch ~ 3. Colorful Tassel Pillow ~ 4. White Pouf ~ 5. Yellow Ikat Rug ~ 6. Ghost Chair (I prefer no arms) ~ 7. Martini Side Table

     These are my dream pieces! The things that inevitably make me smile whenever I see them.

     I own a Parson's desk and ghost chair, and I couldn't be more pleased! They are both very versatile pieces that I will be keeping for a long time!

     My decorating style is clean and white with bright, brilliant, bold pops of color...like the emerald green couch or yellow rug or tassel pillow.

     These are the pieces I LOVE so much I will save and save to buy good quality.

     And I literally cannot type this post because my eyes keep roaming to the top of the page, where so many beautiful pictures are pulled together in one. They're eye candy! Just fabulous! I am so obsessed! A green couch won't be necessary for this teenager for awhile, but the rug, side table, pillow, and pouf might be coming up soon. Stay tuned!

     Of course, I am dreaming of having my own room again, where I can plot every corner of my own little space. It just goes to show that you don't know what you have until it's gone.

     More on sharing rooms tomorrow...


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