One Simple Trick That Makes the Weekends Awesome

     Wouldn't you love to have an awesome weekend?

     Wouldn't you love to make the most of that precious time?

     Wouldn't you love to have a productive but fun day?

     Our family has found a solution to not being on the same page.

     It's called a: Family Meeting!

     Here's how it works for us: We get together in the living room immediately after our Saturday morning pancake breakfast and all share what we need to accomplish and also what we hope to accomplish.

     The needs might be mowing the lawn, getting groceries for the week, or any commitments we have. The wants might be going to the park, reading aloud together, or having a family movie night.

     It's a very simple way to have everyone share and get on the same page.

     Of course, there are Saturdays we don't do this. But it really makes a difference to spend 15-60 minutes working out the day or having discussions about anything that needs to be addressed.

     It's just one simple trick that makes our weekends awesome!

     Let me know if you try it this weekend!



  1. Ok, so I tried having a Family Meeting. Unfortunately, all the "kids" want to do is eat, take cat naps and play with their toys. The same things they do EVERY day. Oh well, maybe next weekend :)

    Thanks for sharing. Have an awesome weekend!


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