Samwise the Brave

     I have talked many times before about the characters in my room. The most recent one is my panda Pillow Pet.
     His name is Samwise the Brave. Also known as Sam.
     He's perfectly fluffy and perfectly content for Lily, Piper, and Sybil to perch on him. 

     I used to have a panda obsession. It changed to a bunny obsession once I found out that real pandas aren't as fluffy as they appear but actually have coarse, oily hair. GROSS! :)

     So now I only like stuffed pandas. They are still a beautiful testimony of God's creation.

     I had a panda birthday party when I was ten. So Sam (after the Lord of the Rings Sam if you haven't figured that out yet) is a favorite. He's the newest of my stuffed animals and therefore fluffiest. :)

     I love using stuffed animals in decorating. I may or may not do it for the rest of my life.



  1. "You're forgetting one of the main stuffed animals, Samwise the brave!"
    "Now Madeline, I was being serious" "So was I"



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