The Beautiful: Random Thoughts

     Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beautiful things are my passion.

     Why are beautiful things so important to me that I would talk about them almost daily on a blog?
  • Beautiful things sing for God's glory, for they were made by God. I believe it honors Him when we look at a colorful bunch of flowers, a prettily designed living room, or the simple beauty of a book.
  • Beautiful things cause us to be thankful. Thankfulness makes us humble. Humility draws us closer to God.
  • Beautiful things make us smile. And smiling is awesome! And we need to be more awesome!
  • When we study beautiful things, we discover that everything is beautiful in its own way.
     What animals do I think are most beautiful and adorable?

     Hold on! Before I get to this, I want to make a quick point. The other day, someone asked me if I blog about animals. Nope. I don't. And I don't plan to. I just want to share and document my current favorites.
  1. Bunnies
  2. Elephants
  3. Peacocks
  4. Foxes (What does the fox say? Just kidding.)
  5. Birds
     Where are my favorite places to study God's beauty?
  • The Bible ~ It's full of His wonders, verbose poetry, lovely stories, and His powerful words.
  • The Little Decorator ~ This blog allows me to share, enjoy, and record beautiful things.
  • Pinterest ~ Obsessed! So...I'm gonna talk about it for a few minutes...
     Why do I like Pinterest?
  • I can organize beautiful photos.
  • I can find new quotes, new books, new thing-a-ma-bobs, new recipes, new décor trends, and new fashion trends all in one place!
  • I can keep blog posts, ideas, and items I like in one place.
     What are my Pinterest boards and what on earth are they about?
  • Astonishing Art ~ Beautiful Things
  • Bridal Bliss ~ Beautiful Wedding
  • Crawley Craze ~ Beautiful Downton
  • Dreamy Décor ~ Beautiful Decor
  • Elephant Extravaganza ~ Beautiful Elephants
  • Fancy Fashion ~ Beautiful Nails, Clothes, and Hair
  • Glitter Glam ~ Beautiful Sparkles
  • Heros & Heroines ~ Beautiful People
  • Inky Ideas ~ Beautiful Writing
  • Jolly Jokes ~ Beautiful Laughter
  • King of Kings ~ Beautiful God
  • Lovely Literature ~ Beautiful Books
  • Marvelous Missions ~ Beautiful Service
  • Nippy Nights ~ Beautiful Winter
  • Oodles of Offspring ~ Beautiful Children
  • Picturesque Parties ~ Beautiful Celebrations
     Did I lose you? You bored yet? Not done!
  • Quirky Quotes ~ Beautiful Words
  • Ridiculous Rabbits ~ Beautiful Bunnies
  • Summer Sun ~ Beautiful Summer
  • Tolkien Tales ~ Beautiful Middle Earth
  • Unbelievable 'Umminess ~ Beautiful Food
  • Very 'Venturous ~ Beautiful Adventures (this board is a bucket list)
  • Walt's Wonders ~ Beautiful Disney
  • Xciting X-rays ~ Beautiful Human Body
  • Yes! Yellow ~ Beautiful Yellow
  • Zzzz... ~ Beautiful Sleep
     Ok. So you probably didn't need to know all that. You probably skimmed it or could care less. That's ok. This blog's for you AND me.

     Here's another random beautiful thing: a lamp we might purchase in the near future.

     Oh, and you remember that challenge thingy I did for a two and a half weeks? Well, it ended a week ago.
     Here's an update:
  • Stay off Pinterest - I did get on but mainly on the weekends, so Pinterest never distracted me from school.
  • Read a huge stack of books on my nightstand - Made good progress over that 2 ½ week period.
  • Eat mainly healthy foods - Yes! I ate cookies and sugary stuff, but mainly on the weekends. So I did “eat mainly healthy foods,” my goal.
  • Go to bed at 8 pm and get up at 7 am - Nope! Instead, I got lots of rest.
  • Go outside more - Didn't do super well on this one although I did bike to the library and sit outside a few times.
  • Listen to mainly Christian music - Yes! It was most refreshing to take a break from some of the pointless secular music.
  • Watch less TV - Yes!
  • Wear nice clothes that make me feel good - Every day (As a bonus, I even decluttered my clothes!)
  • Talk to God more - Yep.
  • Finish my second list of 1,000 gifts - I'm was on 300, but I am now on 500.
  • Avoid looking in the mirror as much as possible - Did this for a few days to break off from my thing for it. Now I look in the mirror a healthy amount.
  • Write daily - I wrote a lot more than I have been, so that's great!
  • Break habit of biting my nails - I am super excited about this one! I broke my bad habit!

     Have a lovely, beautiful, random Friday! Stay awesome!

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