This is the Voice!

     The other day, someone said they liked my blogging voice. I take that as a huge compliment, especially since I sometimes get sick of my own voice. I mean, I hear it in my head (constantly!), I hear it when I talk (which is a lot), and I hear it when I write (which is a lot!)

     I love TLD, where I can just spew my thoughts and get thrilling responses from you, the reader.

     I try to post the best content. Sometimes it feels like I post on way too many topics. Other times it feels like I write about the same things CON. STANT. LY.

     Anyway, I want to know from you what I sound like to you.

     If you've never commented, this is the post for you to get a word in. And if you read and comment daily, please share what you think too!

     Here are some pointers to get you started.

     Is my voice descriptive or general?
     Is it bouncy or plodding?
     Is it yellow or purple?
     Is it smooth or choppy?
     Is it sing-songy or not?
     What is it?

     Describe it however you want or need to. Be poetic or practical. It doesn't matter. Just please share.

     What's my "voice?" What do I sound like to you?

     Please share in the comments below. Or in you are in email, click on the COMMENT HERE button below.



  1. I think your blogging voice is bouncy, yellow, descriptive, bubbly, fun, interesting, flowing, lovely, lively, bright, and adds color to my day :)


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