How I Spend My Typical Summer Day

     I hope you are all enjoying your summer. Mine's been full of renovating our new home. (Sorry. I still don't have pictures up.) My day to day tasks vary greatly, but the general outline of my summer day is as follows.

8-10ish Wake up ~ This has been such a blessing because I usually cannot sleep in. As a teenager though, I do love my sleep.

9ish-10ish Breakfast ~ Smoothie, Eggs & Toast, or anything else I can find. :)

10-4 Whatever that day's task is ~ whether it may be babysitting, school, hosting a Bible study, cleaning, or just chillin'. Usually it isn't the latter. A lunch of leftovers is in this time slot too.

5ish Write ~ I haven't been writing on The Little Decorator or in my "life" journal much, but I have been writing a novel. I currently have about 6,000+ words, which I am very proud of. That translates to twenty pages of a Word document. I have a sneak peek here.

6:30ish Eat dinner ~ This week's menu was homemade pizza, spaghetti, and crockpot chicken. Ice cream and lemon poppy seed bread were the two desserts we made.

7:30ish Shower and evening activity ~ either chill with my family while watching TV/a movie, going on a walk, and eating ice cream or be scattered over town at various activities. If everyone is out of the house, I can write some more or design stationery.

10:00ish Quiet time and sleep ~ I'm working on getting back to quiet times in the morning because they are more meaningful/productive then.

     So there you have it. I'm working on several projects of house, writing, and social types.

     I hope you're all having a delightful summer and staying cool!


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