A Quick Comparison: What Culture Says vs. What God Says

God tells us:

Be hospitable.
Be pure in your mind and body.
Be generous.
Be patient.
Be a hard worker.
Be brave.
Submit to God’s will.
Love one another.
Trust God.
Dress modestly.
Be loyal to others.
Be obedient.
Be strong in God’s power.
Be humble.
Be wise.
Be quick to act when necessary.
Be selfless.

Bonus suggestion:
Dedicate a day to God (fast).

Bottom line:

Culture tells us:

Don’t share your home.
Having fun is what matters.
Life’s about you and what you get.
Take things into your own hands.
Laziness is ok.
Don’t take risks.
Go with your gut.
Look out for your own interests.
Trust yourself.
Wear the latest trends.
Be true to yourself.
It’s ok to rebel.
Be strong in your own power.
Be proud of yourself.
Move at your own pace, not God’s.
Everything’s about you.

Bottom line:
     Let's take a tip from God today. May we never buy into culture's lies.
     On that point, I discovered at the Declare blogging conference a new magazine: Mici (pronounced Mickey).
     Mici stands for Made In Christ's Image, and they are very passionate about making sure girls everywhere find their identity in Christ.
     The quarterly magazines are filled with beautiful pictures, encouraging articles, and the theme of God's love throughout.
     Please go check it out: Mici magazine.



  1. hi madeline! it was sheer joy to meet you at declare last weekend! so excited you'll be there next year. you are a gifted writer, sister! we have a link-up on the Declare blog for attendee re-cap posts just wanted you to know in case you wanted to write about your experience and your "wild obedience" :) love-eryn

    1. Thanks! I'd love to! The conference was incredible!

  2. Hey! Thanks so much Madeline for the piece on MICI ... as Eryn said, it was so lovely to have met you at Declare. I look forward to chatting more into the future! xx Janelle


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