My Guest Post at (in)courage

     A story is not what we think it is. It isn’t words on a page. It’s life. Your life. My life. Lives of those around us and fictional lives of those who’ve never existed. When, as a young child, my parents instilled in me the love of reading, I didn’t realize I was writing my own story.

     Hey, y'all! What you just read is a teaser.

     On September 9th, I will have a guest post on the blog (in)courage. It's a blogging community of writers dedicated to helping women grow in their relationships with God.

     As a young woman, I feel it's especially important I share my heart with others.


     Because they need to be encouraged that I represent thousands of young women who desire to glorify God. And it all comes down to one word: grace.

     That's what I will be talking about on September 9th. Stay tuned.



  1. Cool! Can't wait! I can't believe it's almost September!
    - Katrina

  2. Woohoo! You are amazing! So blessed to hang out with you this weekend, friend. Love!


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