Our House Pictures...That I Finally Got Uploaded!

     Welcome to our home. We love it here, and we hope you will too. It's a perfectly imperfect space. At 2,300 sq. ft. it is just a little bigger than No. 1.

     We love the flooding of natural light in almost every room, and we love the openness of it all. We're in the process of doing so much to it, but we invite you to join us.

     Click here to see all the *imperfect* pictures.



  1. noelclaire@aol.comTuesday, September 09, 2014

    This is such good news! It's the first I am hearing (reading) that you have a new house. This should be a great adventure especially in the day and age of the internet. There is so much visual information available now at the touch of the key board. After I get an idea form the internet, I enjoy going to consignment shops and resale stores as well as shopping at garage sales. When I find something that I can fix up with paint and new knobs I feel like I WON the Big game!
    I hope you enjoy decorating you new room .


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