How I Dress Nicely For Free

     Three outfits practically free? That's ridiculous, yet it's what happened over the summer. These outfits I found snapshot worthy are all borrowed, hand-me-downs, and inexpensively accessorized.

     Scarf: Garage sale find (maybe $2); Shirt: Borrowed

     Dress: Borrowed

     Shirt: Hand-me-down; Pants: Hand-me-down, Necklace: Ebay ($4!)

     Just goes to show you can dress nicely for dirt cheap if you have amazing friends and family who loan you clothes or give them to you as hand-me-downs.



  1. True--although since I was the oldest sister and cousin it was always me handing down clothes to my little cousins and sisters so they got the most benefit. :) Sharing clothes is a good thing!


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