Making the Transition to Fall

     Today is September 23 and more importantly, the first official day of fall.

     Y'all, I see leaves falling. I hear fires crackling. I smell pine trees above me. I feel cool breezes. I taste hot tea, savoring it on my lips.

     Ok, not really. I live in Texas, remember?

     It's a world of crazy seasons, incredibly hot summers and mild winters. Our fall and spring are only slightly cooler than summer and only slightly warmer than winter.

     (May I make a random but important statement while we're on the topic of seasons? Do not capitalize seasons. None of them should be capitalized. Ever. Unless it's in a title or some other rule applies to it. Thank you. My rant is over.)

     It's funny how Texans condone (a fancy word for allow) the wearing of shorts and long sleeves. Together! Sorry. Texas is weird like that. And amazing like that.

     Especially in these tricky seasons, fall and spring, I have to step onto the back porch rather than check the forecast to figure out what to wear.

     What I'm wearing for the fall transition:

     1. Long sleeved, thin grey shirt (hand-me-down)
     2. Long sleeved, thin black sweater (hand-me-down)
     3. Jean shorts (Old Navy)
     4. Moccasins (hand-me-down)
     5. Necklace (Ebay)

     Happy first day of fall!


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