Random Thoughts: Life, Decorating, & Succulents

       Here are my random thoughts lately.

1. God wants to give abundant life! To you. To me. He traded his life for yours. You (and I) were on death row. He said, "Take me instead." Now we can live fuller, more grateful, amazing lives. Read this incredible story: How to Get Really Living Instead of Merely Existing. You won't regret it.

2. The other day my dad calculated one million pennies would be around 3 TONS...(6,000 lb.) of pennies. Uh-oh. We might have a few problems. I'm the girl who is collecting one million pennies. And I don't doubt, but sometimes I wonder what I've gotten myself into. When friends start suggesting I go on Good Morning Texas or make this big, I kind of start wanting to think small. I know God will do this, even if it's not in my lifetime.

3. Clearing clutter is exhaling after holding your breath for too long, and decorating breathes life into a home.

4. How to overcome decorating paralysis.

5. The plant I'm not killing (for a change): A mini rose succulent. Love it!

6. Sometimes sad things make me happy if they're sung with enough passion and evoke emotion. Like the end duet in the Broadway Beauty and the Beast when the beast is dying, and she sings about how he's changed her and how she's found her new home, and it's so sad but so happy, and you know it will turn out right, but if it didn't it would stop the world from spinning and you just know Belle is an amazing person. Things like that (that only make sense in a run-on-sentence.)



  1. Succulents, YES! They are so forgiving! And I don't think I would have agreed about Belle and the Beast if it were written in any other way. Run on sentences SO have their place!


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