We Could Have Started a Movie Theater With All That Popcorn

     Once upon a time, we decided to bite the bullet and scrape all our popcorn ceiling ourselves. Fortunately, our friends and family told us we were crazy and came to help us out. (Shout out to our popcorn-scraping club members!)

     Anyway, we spent a whole week on ladders. During the day, my mom, brother, and I hung plastic sheets on the wall with painters' tape. We could usually do this to two large rooms or three small rooms each day *depending on how focused we were and how much time we spent ordering lunch.* (We're a one-car family, and that was one of the craziest weeks of our lives. Thank the Lord for friends with vehicles who are amazing enough to come when we call! We ordered so many pizzas that week that I lost count.)

     Anyway, bellies full, we'd climb to the topmost rungs of our--ahem!--*seven borrowed ladders*. Yeah. We had a lot of ladders going on. That is one disadvantage of our adored but really, really  tall ceilings.

     So all day, we hung plastic. Then dad came home from work, and friends and family came over to help us wet the ceilings with squirt bottles and water jugs and then scrape them with a myriad of scrapers.

The bottom of my shoe, caked in wet popcorn

     After each of those long evenings of scraping until the sun went down, we were all covered in popcorn. We could have started a movie theater with all that popcorn.

     Here was the first room--the guinea pig of all house renovation projects--my room.

     The last few days, we borrowed a work light, so we could work past sundown.

     I'm not posting a tutorial here for how to scrape popcorn ceilings. You can find dozens on the internet and select the one that works best for you. This is just our story.


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