Snapshot Beauty ~ Prelude & Posts

     Last year, I participated for the first time in "Nester's 31 Days," one of the most popular blogger link-ups on the web. You can read it here: 31 Days of Pure Joy. I have decided to do it again.

The posts in my series, Snapshot Beauty:

Day 1 ~ Our Daily Food
Day 2 ~ To New Heights
Day 3 ~ Beauty Out of Dust
Day 4 ~ Blossoming
Day 5 ~ Furry Friend
Day 6 ~ A Place to Rest
Day 7 ~ Lovely Literature
Day 8 ~ Fashion Selfie (the most viewed post in this series)
Day 9 ~ Take Flight
Day 10 ~ Scribo
Day 11 ~ Walk by Faith
Day 12 ~ Autumn Vignette
Day 13 ~ Yellow Leaves
Day 14 ~ Stay Awesome, Y'all!
Day 15 ~ Little Flowers
Day 16  ~ Narnia
Day 17 ~ Mushroom Detail
Day 18 ~ Baby
Day 19 ~ Put Your Feet Up
Day 20 ~ Be Epic (And Silly)
Day 21 ~ Pumpkins
Day 22 ~ Blue and Yellow
Day 23 ~ Chess
Day 24 ~ ROY G. BIV
Day 25 ~ I Have a Lot of Pennies
Day 26 ~ White
Day 27 ~ Game Night
Day 28 ~ A Botany Lesson
Day 29 ~ A Little Flavor
Day 30 ~ Lemon Yellow
Day 31 ~ Finishing With a Bang


     Everyone knows I love words. I write. Scribo.

     But in October, when I write my 31 Day series, I will be going wordless. Photography isn't one of my strongpoints, so I will be developing that skill and taking time to work on writing in my novel rather than my blog.

    Snapshot Beauty is the little title I've bestowed on my series.

    Snapshot Beauty will be simple. It will be beautiful. You get to decide if it is inspiring. The purpose of it is for me to discover beauty all around me and encourage you to do the same. I want to bring God glory through searching for gifts in my day-to-day life, snapping photos of them, and sharing them.

     Grab a cup of your favorite fall drink, and take a break from the words, words, words and delight  your eyes.

     Join me today.

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  1. Love this idea Madeline! Looking forward to sharing in these delights with you!


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