How You Can Throw Your Bilbo an Unforgettable Birthday Bash

There and Back Again: A Hobbit's Party
     As my wildly popular, two-part blog post skyrocketed, I knew there was no coming down. What was my topic? Our Lord of the Rings birthday bash for my brother, who was turning "11-ty-one" at the time.

1. Invitation

     My brother Googled "free fonts" and found this one called First Order. We printed it on earthy-colored paper for an antiqued look. Tolkien would approve.

     For the invitation, we bought a wax seal kit from Barnes & Noble. This method required melting, dripping, and stamping the wax ourselves. We used wax seal stickers for the thank you notes, but I like the old-fashioned method best. :)

 2. Decorations

      Along the pathway to the front door, we placed tea light candles in mason jars. And on the front door hung a sign that read (in the First Order font of course):

No Admittance
(Except on party business)

     Inside, the decorations were no less glorious. We included many flowers, candles, banners, and simple, hobbit-like things. We dimmed the light and hung Chinese lanterns for an outdoorsy feel.

      The Chinese lanterns are from World Market. Banners were made by friends.

3. Cake (naturally!)

     This was our recreation of Bilbo's birthday cake in The Fellowship of the Ring. We used our Hummingbird Cake recipe. (Click the link to see recipe.) Then we adorned it with black grapes, strawberries, white flowers, and pink flowers.

 4. Party Favors

      We spray-painted "rings of power" gold for guests to take home.

     They also took home a Lord of the Rings Pez stick with their favorite character's face on it.

5. Party!

     Things we did:
  • Drank root beer
  • Watched favorite LOTR movie clips
  • Played LOTR charades (The adults really got into this too!)
  • Sang and ate cake (included a speech by Bilbo, the birthday boy!)
  • Danced
  • Lit sparklers
  • Presented party favors (LOTR Pez sticks and rings)

     In this picture, the display of hobbit foods, cake, flowers, and candles is shown in greater detail.

5. Thank you notes
     This design is called Fish Tales and Campfires by Minted. Instead of our Bilbo's name, we had this quote at the bottom of the card.

"And he lived happily ever after...to the end of his days."
     We ordered stickers that looked like wax seals from Old School Seals for the thank-yous.
Felix Doolittle labels from this post

     We used these return address labels for the thank you notes. We chose these because the tent looks like one of the ones at the party.
     Here's a clip of the actual Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring party.
     If only we could've had fireworks!

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  1. What a wonderful Birthday Party to remember!! Great ideas and creativity! The cake looks delicious, too!


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