Madeline's Favorite Names List

     Names. They're something we don't always think about but we use all the time. This is my master list of favorite names for girls and boys, characters and future children, eccentric names and more common ones. Since I tend to go with more eccentric names, the most common names on this list are probably Olivia and Charlotte (girls) and Ezra and Hayden (boys).

     The most eccentric names: Arbella, Merridy, and Perpetua (girl) and Jungle, Melchior, and Novelist (boy).

     In fact, many of these names I made up. (Although I was disappointed when I learned that someone else had already named her child Aspen--multiple people in fact. I had been fascinated by the aspen trees in Colorado and thought it would make a pretty girl name. Apparently, there are no new ideas under the sun.)

     I know most people don't have my taste in names, but if you find a new name you really like or want to tell me your favorite names, please do so! Share in the comments. We've had lots of fun with this before when I was trying to find a name for Lady Guinevere.

     I'll be quiet now...

Favorite Girl Names:

·          Adah (adornment)

·          Adelaide (nobility)

·          Arbella

·          Ariella (lion of God)

·          Aspen

·          Aurora (dawn)

·          Brighton

·          Bronté

·          Charlotte

·          Crispin

·          Darcy (dark)

·          Delaney

·          Echo

·          Elsie (God’s promise)

·          Elva (eleven)

·          Ember (spark, burning blaze)

·          Emerald

·          Flora/Florence (flower)

·          Georgiana (farmer)

·          Gretchen (a pearl)

·          Gypsy

·          Hattie

·          Hazel

·          Hyacinth

·          Iris

·          Jade

·          Jane (God’s grace)
·          Jacquelyn
·          Jasmine
·          Juliet

·          Juniper

·          Kenya

·          Laciani

·          Lacy

·          Leizel

·          London

·          Marilla “Rilla”

·          Matilda (powerful in battle)

·          Maude (powerful in battle)

·          Mayzie

·          Merridy

·          Myrtle

·          Narnia

·          Olivia (olive tree)

·          Olympia

·          Opal

·          Paris

·          Perpetua (lasting)

·          Pippa

·          Rosette (rose)

·          Sage

·          Silvia

·          Skye

·          Sybil (prophetess)

·          Tigris

·          Whitley (meadow)

·          Zephyr (breeze)

·          Zillah (shade)


Favorite Boy Names:

·          Aragorn

·          Cache (hiding place)

·          Cadence

·          Caspian

·          Castle

·          Dakota
·          Dublin

·          Edison

·          Everest

·          Ezra (help)

·          Fitzwilliam (protector)

·          Forest

·          Gideon (hewer, one who cuts down)

·          Gilbert (bright pledge)

·          Grey

·          Hayden (haystack)

·          Hunter

·          Jungle

·          Kingston

·          Lentil

·          Liam (protector)

·          Lincoln (lake, colony)

·          Magister

·          Melchior

·          Milligan

·          Nova (star, new)

·          Novelist

·          Octavius (eight)

·          Oliver “Ollie” (olive tree)

·          Orleans

·          Percival

·          Phoenix

·          Piper

·          Quincy

·          Quinton (the fifth)

·          Rex (king)

·          Scout

·          Silas (asked for)

·          Titus (to honor)

·          Tristan (riotous)

·          Watson (son of Walter)

·          Zephyr (breeze)

     Aspen and Tristan are by far my favorite names right now. They're the names of the two main characters in my novel.
     Tell me your favorites. Comment below. (If you're reading in email, click the Comment Here button.)

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