We Can't Forget About Love

     Happy Thanksgiving!

     It's a very special day, and I know you know the real reason we celebrate it. Yes, yes, the pilgrims, ya-da-ya-da-ya-da. And yes, we eat scrumptious banquets today. And we watch football (at least, here in TX we do.)

     But the real reason is in this illustrious holiday's name. We give thanks. We don't give thanks just to our moms and grandmothers for preparing food. We don't give thanks just to our dad who finally turned off the TV. We don't give thanks just to our little cousins for the presents they made us.

Artwork by Madeline Osigian (me) :)

     We give thanks to God. And it's truly special to me because I have learned to give thanks throughout the year by writing lists of 1,000 gifts (not all in one sitting, but over a few months.)

     I challenge you today to start a list of 1,000 gifts. If you write at least three a day every day you can have a thousand by this time next year. Give it a go. Why not? Besides, we should not be thankful only one day a year.

     We won't have time today to count all that God has blessed us with. And I'm not talking solely about material possessions or family and friends, but also lessons God has taught us over the years, the sunshine (or clouds) outside today, another day to breathe, His Word to us through our church family, and many more things. Take some time to meditate on the great things He has done for you. Because whether or not we've been looking for them, He has done them. It's our job to keep our eyes open and praise Him for all his wonderful deeds.

     In addition, I know many of us are with family today. May we love them gently and in humility, not forcing our opinions or traditions, but graciously speaking life-giving words as we learn to better love those around us. "But knowledge puffs up while love builds up." ~1 Corinthians 8:1b The holiday is about thanksgiving but also love. Please join me in thanking God for the love around us, and asking him to help us better love those we find difficult.

     One last thing: I want you to comment, so you can win this swaggy fall banner! (Handmade by me, naturally.) One person who comments will be selected at random.

     Happy Thanksgiving! Give thanks to God and love those around you.


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  1. Happy thanksgiving mortal.
    Enjoy it. Next year it shall be knows as Lokipresentgiving day
    Kneel peasant.

  2. Thank you : ) for reminding us to give thanks for those things beyond what we can see; God is good all the time and His blessings come in some unexpected yet wonderfully loving ways.


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