Congratulations & Housekeeping

     The very probable reason that few people enter my giveaways is that I am very slow to announce the winner. Today I am sharing the winners of an October giveaway and November giveaway. And it is almost 2015!

     However, the October winner (of the butterfly art) has already received it. Her name is Faith. Congratulations! (Insert loud applause!)

     The November winner (of the fall banner) is being revealed for the first time. Thank you to all who entered. Loki is the winner! Congratulations! I will be sending it your way soon (so you can use it next fall!)

     Now, with that aside, I have another gift for you beautiful people!

     The December giveaway! I never plan these to be monthly, but hey, it works out that way.

     I am giving away TWO wonderful prizes!

     An owl:

     A handmade-by-me flowery and striped chain:

     Now, when you comment, tell me if you are entering the drawing for the owl, chain or both! If you don't say, I will assume you don't want to enter the drawing.

     So be sure to comment, saying how you would use the owl, chain, or both in your home!

     Happy New Year!



  1. I'd probably give the owl to Lu or the chain in my room :)

  2. I would love to gift the owl to my friend who has a birthday today :) She's very sassy! (The owl. But on second thought...so is my friend!)


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