Learn What Your Teenager Is Saying With This Free Guide

Words, words, words!
I'm so sick of words
I get words all day through
First from him, now from you
Is that all you blighters can do?
      ~Eliza Doolittle, My Fair Lady, "Show Me"

     As much as I love words, drinking them in from books, blogs, magazines, speakers, and mentors, and spilling them out here and in books and articles, sometimes I am SICK OF WORDS.

     I love proper grammar, but like every teen, I catch myself saying a few of these. Adults, pay attention: this is your definitive guide to basic teen terms and abbreviations. (Ex. means example.)

Totes ~ Totally, definitely

Totes ma goats ~ Popularized by a commercial, it's a variation of totes (see above)

LOL ~ Usually means laughing out loud, though whether the person is actually laughing is debatable since this one is so overused. Could also mean lots of love, but very rarely. See also: ROTFL.

YOLO ~ You only live once. Basically, go for it because you may never get the chance again.

Kk ~ Ok.

Fam ~ Family.

# ~ This is a hashtag. Used on Twitter and a variety of other social media sites to tag your tweet with a phrase. Ex. #humpday #liveperformance #sotired. People can then search for a specific hashtag and see them all grouped together.

Hump Day ~ Wednesday. A term brought back to popularity by yet another commercial.

ILY ~ I love you. :)

TBT~ Throwback Thursday. Often used as a hashtag on Thursdays whenever people are reminiscing. Ex. Remember when Mr. So-and-so did such and such? #TBT OR Look at these embarrassing baby pictures of my sister. #TBT

Swag ~ Swag can be an interjection or just another term for awesomeness, style, etc. Ex. "They've got swag."

Selfie ~ A picture of oneself. Taken by oneself. Often with a smartphone. Some of you are just catching on.

Homies ~ People you understand and get along with well. See also: peeps.

FYI ~ For your information. Most adults know this one already.

BRB ~ Be right back. Often used in speaking or texting.

XD ~ A version of the smiley face, believe it or not. :) = XD

Peeps ~ People you understand and get along with well; friends.

Chill pill ~ Used when someone needs to calm down. Often, "Take a chill pill." See also: chillax.

Chillax ~ Used when someone needs to calm down. A combination of "chill" and "relax." A command.

ROTFL ~ Rolling On The Floor Laughing. Again, it's unsure whether the person on the other side of the cell phone is trying to make you feel good or if you were actually funny.

Word ~ An greeting or agreement. Ex. Word!

Jazz hands ~ Take your hands and hold your arms at about a 90 degree angle. Shake your hands. Congrats. You are doing jazz hands.

RT ~  You see this mainly on Twitter. It means retweet, which is resharing a tweet with your followers.

S/O ~ Shout out

     How many of those did you know already? Which one surprised you the most? Please let me know, especially you parents, in the comments below.


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