Dare today to give a little more, dream a little bigger, be humble, and accept good advice. Dare to love others without expecting anything in return. Dare to respect others' feelings and share your own. Dare to be kind when they don't expect it. Dare to love as Christ loves the church.


     Dare to serve others, mentor younger sisters, and trust God.

     Dare to make beautiful things even if you're the only one who thinks they're beautiful.

     Dare to make this the best day of your life.

     Dare to not care about what others think. Dare to not people please. Dare to bless others with your presence, words, and hugs.


     Because daring is caring for others. Daring is sharing God's truth. Daring is bearing each others' burden. Daring is staring into her eyes and speaking words of life. Daring is tearing yourself away from selfish desires and sinful pleasures.

     Dare by the power of His Holy Spirit. Dare to glorify Him in everything you think, say, and do--today and every day.

     Dare. Because I dare you to.


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