Dress By Color - Gray Day

     Welcome to my Dress by Color Project. This is the ninth in a rainbow of posts related to fashion and color. Join me today and tomorrow as I share my zany outfits.

      I couldn't have planned the weather to coordinate with my outfit, but it's a gray day outside too. :) If it hadn't been the second-to-last day of my Dress by Color Project, I would have made extra effort to be colorful, as I usually do on dreary days.

     This project has been fun, even if I did hurry and change one piece of the outfit before going out in public a few times. :) In the future, expect lovely, well-balanced outfits (NOT all of one color!). This is the first (and last) day in my life that I will wear all grey. I've stereotyped an all-gray outfit as old lady.

     Turns out, the two pieces I had with the most gray were super-comfy Saturday pieces, so at least I was super comfortable for cleaning day this week. :)

     Tomorrow we wear white!


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