Dress By Color - Think Pink Ink

     Welcome to my Dress by Color Project. This is the seventh in a rainbow of posts related to fashion and color. Join me the next three days as I share my zany outfits.

     I haven't worn this much pink since I was seven years old! Pink is not my thing. I'm not a tomboy, but I just never liked pink either. See that subtle pink in my pants? That's the only way I don pink. I had to steal borrow the shirt from my mom. And the socks are mine too, but I never would have picked them out.

     I got creative with my hair and did some Princess Leia buns.

     I basically did a messy bun on each side of my head.

     I used the tutorial above to guide me, and I've gotten a fabulous bun each time I slow down enough to follow the instructions. Bless you, Pinterest!
     Tomorrow, I'll be wearing black. Which means I won't look like a seven-year-old. :)

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