Dress By Color - White Feels Right

     This is the last post in a series called Dress by Color. Check out my Archives for other posts like it.

     White. It's beautiful. It's fabulous. More on that another day.

     Today, I wore a white shirt with almost-white pants, more on the minty green side of things. But one could hardly tell. When I emerged from my room today, my brother exclaimed, "Wow! That's a lot of white!"

     I reminded him of the reason why he's been taking a picture of me Monday-Friday for the last two weeks. :)

     The tiger shirt is an epic hand-me-down I received recently. It gets so many compliments, and the funky shoulder is a nice touch (see right shoulder).

     Please pray for me. Tomorrow morning, very early, I will be taking the ACT. Thank you, loves!


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